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DynaPlot is a real-time chart control for technical and scientific applications. It features dynamic scaling of chart elements with control size, tolerance masks, built-in tools like cursors, markers, scroll, pan, zoom... Although flexible and comprehensive, DynaPlot's programming interface is easy to learn which makes it the tool of choice for both T+M and rapid application development. Examples in VB, VC, VB.NET,C#... help you to get started. ...

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... DynaPlot has been designed with the special requirements of testand measurement applications in mind. DynaPlot's appearance is scaled dynamicallywith the overall size of the control.¬Built-in tools like auto scale, pan, scroll, a stacked zoom and cursors let theuser quicklyget down to the interesting parts of the data. ¬ DynaPlot's tolerance masks are afeature which makes it unique among comparable products. You may add any numberof upper and lower tolerance curves to test your data in ...